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There are many alcoholic and non-alcoholic Spanish drinks that can be found in bars, taverns and restaurants throughout the country. Spain is a large producing country of drinks, most notably of course with wine. However, as you will surely see when you visit Spain, that there is so much choice both within the Spanish wine sector as well as with the other drinks available.

Perhaps one of the most popular past times in Spain is to sit down and drink "cañas" (small glasses of draft beer), cubatas (mixers) or a glasses of wine and talk the night out. Others prefer to hop from bar to bar, sampling a drink from each. If you are ever thinking of going to Spain to study Spanish at a Spanish language school, then why not consider doing a round of the bars in the Spanish city, sampling a drink in each. This would be a great way to get to know a bit more of what that particular city has to offer as well as to try some of Spain's characteristic drink. You could even make it an event for you and your classmates.

In recent years, beer has become the drink of choice as it is refreshing and it often much cheaper than other drinks. There are a number of breweries in Spain that produce beer for consumption within the country, as well as for exportation abroad. If you want to know more about the history of beer in Spain, you can always check out our page on Spanish beer.

Spanish wine

Spain also has an important wine tradition, with many designation of origins and production regions. Spanish wines are among the most appreciated wines in the world, and rightly so. One of the great things about Spain is that the different regions offer varying terrain and climates which gives rise to an impressive array of different wines. Furthermore, the Spanish should be good at making wine as there is evidence that vines have been cultivated in the region for centuries! If you want to learn more about wine in Spain, why don't you check out pur page on the history of Spanish wine.

It might be Spain's impressive bar tradition that has, over the years, created so many different drinks. You might hear about kalimotxo (coke and red wine with ice), clara con limón (similar to shandy) or tinto de verano (red wine with lemon or orange soft drink). Even though Spain is a refernce point in the world of wine, it doesn't seem to stop them from making such cocktails. Perhaps the most famous of Spanish wine cocktails is sangria which is made from red wine, fruit, and sugar, amongst other ingredients. This drink is perfect for enjoying on a hot summer's day as it is very refreshing!

But there are plenty of non alcoholic drinks such as casera (a lemon sparkly soft drink which is a bit like lemonade) and several fruit juices. By far the most common fruit juice in Spain is orange juice as this is one of Spain's most commonly grown fruits. Orange juice is often made fresh in restaurants and bars.

Other soft drinks in Spain include the famous horchata, which is most commonly found in the city of Valencia on the East coast of Spain. This drink is made from earth almonds and is another drink that is best enjoyed on a hot day during the Spanish summer months.

Below you will find the links to our pages on some of Spain's most loved and popular drinks. On there pages, you can find out more about their history and ingredients, as well as some quick and easy recipes for you to follow if you decide to make one.

If you ever visit Spain, make sure that you go out and explore the wonderful world of Spanish drinks. You will find that most bars and restaurants will stock a large range of wine and other drinks. As for some of the cocktails and mixtures, these too tend to be found in most bars, however you could always have a go at making them yourself!