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One of the things Spain is renowned for in the world is its food. We know that in many countries and cities there are Spanish restaurants, however we believe the best way to taste a local food is in its source of origin. Why? Because the traditional recipes, sometimes passed from generation to generation, are better prepared with the local products.

We have selected a few of our favorite Spanish restaurants in Spain, some of the country's most important and visited countries, so if you visit Alicante you can get the best taste of cuisine, or where to taste the best Paella in Valencia.

Our list includes national and regional cuisine restaurants as well as some of the best and most avant-garde of creative cuisine, all of them mixed with traditional touches as well, so you can get different perspectives of current Spanish cuisine too.

Our Spanish restaurants in Spain lists include a price list (because we know that quality does not necessarily mean expensive), a short description of each restaurant and some dishes recommendations, some our own, others the own restaurant's chef, so you will get the best out of your gastronomic tour through Spain.

Traditional Spanish Restaurants and Food

Traditional Spanish cuisine is still extremely popular and there is no better place to get a taste of some true Spanish food than in Spain itself. One of the unique things about Spain is that every Spanish region and city has its own style of cooking and its own signature dishes which means that you will find a huge range of Spanish food in the restaurants and bars when you visit Spain.

If you are looking for the best in traditional Spanish food then you should definitely head to some of the older Spanish restaurants in Spain as they have been cooking the same dishes for years, if not centuries, and so have perfected the technique and ingredients.

However, traditional doesn't mean to say that the food has to be old-fashioned and historical, as many Spanish chefs and their restaurants have proved. Traditional food can be joined with funky presentation, or chic surroundings, making the time-honoured dishes as exciting as many of the modern dishes in the new restaurants of Spain.

Modern Spanish Restaurants and Food

Spanish cuisine, and particularly in the area of gastronomy, has taken some giant leaps forward in the recent years, breaking the traditional boundaries of Spanish food as we once knew it. It is becoming quite common for Spanish restaurants in Spain to update their menus to suit modern palates and tastes by adapting dishes and changing their ingredients. Some restaurants have even taken it a step further and have spent a great deal of time and care in developing their food into true works of art.

The Experience

Going to a Spanish restaurant in Spain is about much more than just the food. The atmosphere and the overall experience can often mean a lot more. That is why so many Spanish restaurants to develop such an experience. Many have tried to create their own theme, or incorporate elements of a certain culture; all with the aim of entertaining all your senses and not just your taste buds.

There are a number of lucky restaurants who are blessed with magical natural surroundings. For example, those Spanish restaurants that can be found along the seafront, such as those to be found in places like Valencia, Málaga and Marbella, have excellent views of the sea, coupled with the fresh air and the natural background music of the crashing waves. Land bound Spanish restaurants have to rely on the landmarks of the city in which they are set. In Granada, Spanish restaurants often have excellent views of La Alhambra or the other examples of ancient architecture.

An atmosphere at a restaurant is often difficult to create and so Spanish restaurants often choose a theme or put on cultural shows to entertain their visits. Many of the restaurants in the South of the country have a lot of Flamenco performances, mirroring the culture that pulses through the veins of the people in this part of the country.

We recommend you to travel to different cities and try some of the regional gastronomy. If you to learn more about the finest Spanish Restaurants, just click here.

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