Spanish Food

Ever wondered about the origin of your favorite dishes? Or what ingredients are used to make them? Learn this and much more about the best Spanish Food and become an expert chef!

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Typical Spanish Products

There are many star products in the Spanish gastronomy: products whose raw materials are grown, farmed and manufactured in the country.

Many of them have designation of origin, which means they are protected products and can only be produced in a specific area under very strict conditions that assure authenticity and quality.

Among these we find cheese, ham, oil, wine and many more.

So what makes these products so good? There are many factors, one of them is a privileged and varied climate, the warmth of the South and rains of the North mean that there are excellent conditions for different products and crops.

On the other hand centuries old traditions (in some cases millenia) mean that the production processes have been perfected with time, generation after generation.

So Spanish olive oil is recognized as top quality, Iberian ham is perhaps the best ham in the world, the Spanish sausages are unique and so on.

Below some of the most representative products of Spanish food.

Spanish Food History

Spanish food history may be among the most varied and interesting and varied. Since before the Romans the Iberian Peninsula has received influence from many cultures and regions and its gastronomy has evolved along with each century, each invasion and each conquest.

The Romans contributed with olive oil and wine, the Arabs with different gazpachos, irrigation systems, almonds and many other popular and nowadays common products, the ollas we know today would not have been possible without their Sabbath celebration and specific preparation method, and one of Spain's star product, ham, would not be among the best in the world if it wasn't for Christians.

The Mediterranean diet is known for being as tasty as it is healthy, and the fact is this is largely in part to the natural produce cultivated and harvested in the region. However many of the ingredients now central to many of the typical Spanish dishes were not even heard of over 500 years ago, we're talking about the popular and versatile potatoes, tomatoes, peppers anc cocoa, all of them were brought from America upon its discovery.

But Spanish food has evolved much since 1492, learn about its differents stages since the year Spain became Spain, that is, the year of the reconquest, when it was unified once again and most of the American countries became Spain's colonies.

Did you know that beer has been produced in Spain since Charles V? Or that marzipan may have been created in Toledo by nuns? This and many other facts about products we all know today in the products section of Spanish food history.