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Best Spanish Restaurants in Granada

Granada is the heart of Al-Andalus caliphate and still remains par excellence among the main heirs of the the Moorish culture and architecture. The imposing Islamic palace La Alhambra astonishes even the most seasoned travelers and a visit to the Generalife, the royal villa of the Moorish kings feels like you are taking a trip back in history. Flamenco music fills Granada street and people fall in love with the enchanting gypsie and Moorish rhythm that in Granada is not just music but a lifestyle. Restaurants can be found in every corner of this magical city. Below our own selection of best and most popular restaurants in Granada.

Where: Plaza Pescadería 12, 18001
Prices: 35€ to 55€ per person
Reservations: +34 958 262 200

This Granada restaurant opened it's doors 14 years ago and since then has provided a 5 star service with great service, impeccable wine list and delicious cuisine. Located in the heart of Granada, steps away from the cathedral you will be able to taste top quality ingredients prepared in market style gastronomy with modern twists. We recommend the endive salad with Roquefort and anchovies, the rice and lobster and the sweetmeat with egg yolk and sugar for dessert.

San Nicolás

San Nicolás
Where: Callejon Atarazana Vieja, 1, 19010
Prices: 40€ to 60€ per person
Reservations: +34
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This Granada restaurant has an impressive view of La Alhambra. With a unique and privileged location, San Nicolas invites you in and welcomes you into a distinguished atmosphere but where you can still feel at ease. Traditional Andalusia Mediterranean cuisine delights all sorts of palates with a selection of tastes and textures complimented with an excellent wine list. You can choose between dishes designed by the or traditional cuisine. We recommend the lobster salad with courgettes, carrot noodles and vinaigrette with sheets of black truffle, the duck magret in champagne, grape must and apple puree

Carmen Mirador de Aixa
Where: Carril de San Agustín 2, 18010
Prices: €30 to 60€ per person
Reservations: +34 958 223 616
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Located in the historical quarter of Albayzín, this restaurant in Granada offers you the choice of the indoor rooms or to sit in its terrace and enjoy the amazing postcard views of the Nasrid palace La Alhambra. Ideal for romantic dinners. Creative cuisine at its best using top quality products with traditional Mediterranean tastes, as their own motto is "mediterranean dishes with a special touch.". It has well stocked wine cellar and the staff can help you pair your dish. Professional and friendly service, classy and elegant decoration. We recommend the dried cod carpaccio on a froth of tomatoes and sweet basil, the duck breast served with a fine mint sauce and the tears of zogoibi chocolate pearls with a raspberry mousse for dessert.

La ruta del azafrán

La Ruta del Azafrán
Where: Paseo de los Tristes (Pº del Padre Manjón) 1, 18010
Prices: 30€ to 45€ per person
Reservations: +34 958 266 822
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This Granada restaurant's theme is the spice route and the concept of its gastronomy is based on the three cultures that at one point co-habited in Granada and most of Spain (Christian, Muslim and Sephardic). Mediterranean flavors, tradition and innovation are La Ruta del Azafrán with creative touches are the best words to define this excellent restaurant. We recommend arab chicken pie with carrot salad, the turban of sea-bass and and courgette, coconut sauce and the milk jam and banana Crépe with vanilla ice-cream for dessert.

Sancho Casual Food
Where: Tejeiro 20, 18005
Prices: 10€ to 20€ per person
Reservations: +34
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Sancho Casual Food is a restaurant in Granada which practises a different proposal and gastronomic concept to what you might find elsewhere. High quality fast food, tasty and healthy at the same time. Modern, friendly, informal and young, it's ambience invites you to relax and the friendly staff offer an excellent service, and importantly, affordable prices. We recommend gazpacho andaluz, barbecued pork sirloin steak and vegetables brochette and the amazing cream and chestnut cream cake for dessert.