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Best Spanish Restaurants in Madrid

Madrid's gastronomic offer is vast and varied. Thousands of reviews can be found in the Internet or magazines and newspapers, and most of them will be good. Below our own selection of restaurants in Madrid. From top quality and pricey restaurants to classic low budget taverns where the Madrileños like to go for lunch, to quaint little eating places that offer the best culinary experience at affordable prices. If you ever go to Madrid, we suggest you to try a few of these places.


Where: Calle Cuchilleros, 17, 28005. Nearest Metro Station: La Latina, Puerta del Sol and Ópera
Prices: 25 to 50€ a la carte per person.
Reservations: +34 913 664 217, +34 913 663 026 or write to:
Visit Botin's website.

Opened in 1725, Botin is according to the Guinness Book of Records the oldest restaurant in Madrid. This is only one of the reasons we recommend it. Located at the heart of old center Madrid, Botin is a classic reference of Spanish and Castilian gastronomy. Some of it’s best recipes have been passed from father to son, or mother to daughter for generations. It’s specialty is sucking pig and roast lamb. We also suggest trying the garlic soup, a religious gastronomic experience. For desert we recommend Tarta Botín (Cream Layer Cake) or Bartolillos de Madrid (Madrid Cream Puffs).

El Bodegón
Where: Calle del Pinar 15, 28006. Nearest Metro Station: Gregorio Marañón
Prices: Average of 75€ a la carte, 60€ for tasting menu per person.
Reservations: +34 915 623 137 and +34 915 628 844

El Bodegón first opened it's doors 55 years ago, and since the beginning it has been considered among the top Madrid restaurants. Its Basque influence cuisine is not for lovers of new conceptual cuisine. El Bodegón does not prepare food with molecular gastronomy methods, however it innovates in some of the ingredients used to prepare some traditional recipes. This restaurant boasts with great service and diners always feel at ease. We recommend the lobster salad with olive oil and truffle juice, the roast pigeon with plum and apple jelly and for dessert the fruit minestrone with basil ice-cream.


Where: Paseo la Castellana 57, 28010. Nearest Metro Station: Gregorio Marañón
Prices: 150€ to 200€ per person, 132€ per person for a gastronomic menu or 165€ per person for a grand menu.
Reservations:+34 912 108 840, fax: +34 921 108 896.
Visit Saintceloni's website.

Located in the ground floor of Hotel Hesperia Madrid, Santceloni is one of the few restaurants in Madrid that boasts two michelin stars as of 2005. Not to wonder, the restaurant in charge of acclaimed chef Santi Santamaria serves dishes where nouvelle cuisine is delicately balanced with traditional gastronomy that the sommelier will pair with great wines from the restaurants extensive cellar. Dining here is an entirely new experience. The service is excellent, the decor exquisite and at each table you will feel in an intimate space. We recommend the tuna soused in citrics, cauliflower and aurugula, the veal terrine with foie, pistachios and dried figs puree and for dessert the quince bonbon with toffee ice-cream.

Las Bravas
Where: Álvarez Gato, 5, 28012. Nearest Metro Station: Sol
Prices: from 5€ to 10€ per person
Contact:+ 34 915 228 581
Visit Las Bravas website.

Located at the very center of Madrid, meters from Madrid's KM 0, Plaza del Sol, Las Bravas opened it's doors in 1933 and patented the recipe of it's specialty sauce "salsa brava". This is the classic joint frequented by Madrileños and tourists alike, who flock to try "patatas bravas" (potatoes with brava sauce) or "tortilla brava" (spanish tortilla with brava sauce). Another of their specialties is pig's ear with the famous sauce. Don't expect a full menu or even to sit, many people eat their portion on their feet leaning on a bar. It may not be the most elegant place in Madrid, but if you want to get a real taste of typical Madrid food, this is the place to go.

La Sanabresa
Where: Calle Amor de Dios 12, 28014. Nearest Metro Station: Sol, Antón Martín.
Prices: 10€ to 30€ per person, there are full menus for 10€ which include starter, main course, dessert and drink.
Reservations:+34 914 290 338

Madrileños will tell you that La Sanabresa is one of those restaurants in Madrid that has been around forever and pretty much remained untouched (this is a positive thing). Frequented by locals, this classic restaurant has been functioning since 1964 and it serves the same typical Spanish food as when it opened, the prices remain fairly similar (considering that after the change from pesetas to euros most of the prices soared) and some of the waiters have been there since its beginnings. We recommend the garlic mushrooms or breaded eggplants, lacón (boiled ham Galician style) and the fried whitebait, and for dessert the home made custard, though most of their food is delicious and there are also plenty of vegetarian options.


Where: Calle de Velázquez 102, 28006. Nearest Metro Station: Núñez de Balboa
Prices: 15€ to 20€ per person
Reservations: 912 75 91 27

Ever heard of the cool, cheap and chic concept? This is the spirit that Mood embodies, successfully mixing avant-garde decor and innovatory and creative cuisine and the prices are very affordable. The wine cellar is very varied and the staff can recommend you the best wine to pair with your dishes. We recommend the roast potatoes with gorgonzola cheese and crunchy bacon, the ham croquetas and the mushroom lasagna is pure heaven.

Taberna de los Conspiradores
Where: Calle Moratín 33, 28014. Nearest Metro Station: Antón Martín
Prices: 15€ to 25€ per person
Contact:+34 913 694 741

In the heart of Barrio de las Letras, one of the most bohemian quarters in Madrid, Taberna de los Conspiradores is an excellent example of Extremadura style taverns. The walls are filled with film posters and other memorabilia and the decor reminiscences of the 50's. The menu is varied and designed so you can taste the best of extremeña food, the wine list ample (you can ask the staff for suggestions) and there is a large varieties of regional beers. We recommend the house specialty, Migas Extremñas or the delicious huevos rotos, or a cheese and ham board. The carrot cake is a delicious option for dessert.

Where: Calle Ventura Rodríguez 7, 28008. Nearest Metro Station: Ventura Rodríguez and Plaza España
Prices: Menu or a la carte, under 25€ per person
Contact: + 34 915 428 336

Cáscaras is a central Madrid restaurant and cafe that offers an ample menu of simple great quality homemade dishes and desserts at affordable prices. One of those classic restaurants cafe that serves as a meeting point for friends to meet and have a drink and a tapa, it has a homey feel where you can feel comfortable and relaxed. The service is efficient and friendly. We recommend to taste one of the many tortillas, pisto or the honey roast chicken. There are plenty of vegetarian dishes too. For dessert the cheese and fig cake is an excellent option.

Where: Calle Navas de Tolosa 9, 28013. Nearest Metro Station: Callao
Prices: 15€ to 25€ per person
Contact: +34 915 213 896 or book online
Visit Cornucopia's website.

Restaurant and art gallery at the same time, Cornucopia's motto is that eating is a pleasure and cooking is an art. It's three ambiences are decorated with different art exhibitions while the soft background music makes a perfectly relaxed atmosphere. It's creative and innovative cuisine fusions recipes and ingredients from different cultures, food like you've never tasted before. We recommend the grilled tuna marinated in soy sauce, sesame oil and ginger, the sauteed shrimp with garlic and a sauce made of peanut, brown sugar and soy sauce, and for dessert the raisin, walnut and carrot cake with a soft cheese cream.