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Best Spanish Restaurants in Tenerife

Tenerife is one of the Canary Islands set in the Atlantic ocean, visited by thousands of tourists each year thanks to its privileged weather (in winter there's a steady temperature of some 22º C!) Wonderful stretches of beaches with volcanic black sands, mountains and ancient pyramids, there's plenty to do and see in Tenerife, including many outdoors sports. There are also many museums and it has a vibrant and lively nightlife. Like most cities in Spain, gastronomy is part of the local and national identity. Below our selection of some of the best and most popular restaurants in Puerto de la Cruz, the island's second largest city. If you ever take a trip to Tenerife, we recommend you to visit some of these restaurants and enjoy the delicious local cuisine.


Where: :Calle Pérez Zamora 16, 38400
Prices: 25€ to 40€ per person
Reservations: +34 922 384 506
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This Tenerife restaurant is considered the best and most emblematic in the island. Set in an old style typical Canary house, including an interior courtyard and it's located in the center of Puerto de la Cruz. It's decoration is welcoming and traditional from the region, its guests always feel at home. Its traditional cuisine delights all palates and it can be perfectly paired with a wine from the extensive wine list. The chef's own recommendations: the garlic squid, the hake Riojana style and the blackberry parfait.

Kafka Cook & Art
Where: Calle Cruz Verde 2, 38400
Reservations:+34 922 38 12 83
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Kafka Cook & Art doesn't offer a particularly bold menu or surprising taste. This restaurant in Tenerife offers traditional Spanish gastronomy, but the love for the culinary art it's transmitted to its dishes and even if they are well known tastes, it's still a new experience, as they are beautifully balanced and exceptional. It offers a correct and well stocked wine list that can be paired to perfection with the dishes. We recommend the veal carpaccio with Parmesan cheese, aurugula and Modena vinaigrette, the crunchy sirloin strips with mushroom, bacon and pickle with crunchy potatoes and strawberries flambé with Armagnac and vanilla ice cream for dessert.

El Jardín

El Jardín
Where: C/ Camino El Durazno, 71, 38400
Prices: 35€ to 50€ per person
Reservations: +34 922 371 000
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Considered one of the best restaurants in Canary Islands, La Gañanía has been nominated and won several awards., including revelation in Madrid Fusion 2008. The restaurant's proposal is to innovate and offer dishes with season produce, using produce from the proximities of the restaurant. They also design theme menus, such as the potato manu, the apple menu, etc. It has a hall used in winter and one for summer, so you get to enjoy the best of the weather along with your meal. We recommend the tuna burger, the cod confit in yellow sweet potato and the chocolate and toffee for dessert.

Casa Lala
Where: Camino Durazno, 38400 ‎
Prices: 20 to 40€
Reservations: +34 922 381 794
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Casa Lala has been around for more than 60 years, however it hasn't gone stale, but rather involved with time, inheriting the best from all the chefs that have worked in its kitchens. This Tenerife restaurant is currently it is run by Antonio Aguiar, who combines traditional Canary gastronomy (also Spanish) with personal, creative touches. Everyday the the restaurant offers different typical Canary dishes, for instance, on Mondays it's fish soup and rice and octopus stew with green peppers, olive oil and vinegar, on Tuesdays watercress and meat in sauce and so on. The chef recommends: Fresh tuna with red sauce (it's called mojo and it's traditional from Canary Islands), the rabbit in salmorejo and bread and dried fruit cake for dessert.

Where: Avenida Marqués de Villanueva del Prado s/n, 38400
Prices: 25 to 45€
Reservations: +34 922 385 614
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Magnolia has been running for over two decades and it's prestige has increased over time, now it's reputation restaurants in Canary Islands is among the best. Its cuisine is an harmonious combination between typical Canary, Catalan gastronomy with International and creative cuisine. But the restaurant's chef admit that large part of their success is due to the quality of the Canary products. The restaurant is also known for its exceptional wine list. The restaurant recommends cannelloni stuffed with rabbit with salmorejo sauce and black potatoes, salmon and hake carpaccio with caviar, palm heart and Catalan cream for dessert.